Saturday, March 31, 2012


There is nothing that brings me quite as much joy as food. Maybe that sounds a little far-fetched (and believe me, I kind of hope it is!) considering that I have an incredible family, amazing boyfriend, and a wonderful batch of friends. I do value these people more than I do food (obviously), but one of my favorite things to do is to taste foreign flavors, or try radical new combinations of different zesty notes of flavors. As I sit here inside of Teaism in Washington, DC, munching on red bean-filled mochi covered in sesame seeds, and snuggling up to my warm and comforting vegan anise hot chocolate, I can't help but smile. Food is such an amazing experience. Many people commend it because it brings people and different cultures together, but as much as I agree and love experiencing the art of food with others, it's a beautiful experience just on its own as well. As I am "studying" at this gorgeous tea hut, the plate in front of me brings me an incredible amount of comfort. It sounds a bit like an unhealthy relationship with food, perhaps grown out of my mom cheering me up with pastries when I was upset as a kid, but I know it's not negative at all. I don't need food right now. I need it when I'm stressed out or mentally unhealthy, sure, but right now in this very moment... I lust after a feeling of creativity experienced by my senses...a new sensation.

If you ever make it to Teaism by the way, their bento boxes are fabulous. No one makes rice like Teaism. And obviously they have a phenomenal tea selection as well.

Vegan Anise Hot Chocolate

Red Bean Paste Mochi

What's your relationship with food?

Indulge and experience,

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