Wednesday, March 21, 2012


For the past few weeks I have been educating myself on nutrition and other aspects of health by watching a lot of documentaries. "Food Inc.," "Food Matters," "Forks Over Knives," and "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" were all educational, and more importantly, inspiring movies. I was instantly motivated to change my daily habits after watching which made me wish that everyone in the world could have access to watching these movies. I have been raving about each of these to my friends and family, hoping they will pick up a copy so they too can experience the same bliss I did. And it wasn't a momentarily bliss, but I can truly say that these films have changed my life.

Now by the same creators as "Food Matters" comes aptly named "Hungry for Change." Today was its online debut, already rocking the nutrition and health world. The film is FREE online for the next 10 days, so don't miss this! You'll have to purchase the film in order to watch it once these days are over.

I watched the documentary today and am incredibly moved. A lot of the information presented in the film is already known to most health geeks, but I picked up so much new info as well. I kept on writing down wonderful quotes to reflect back on later because I never want this inspiration I feel in this very moment to fade away. The film covered many aspects of the US food industry, sugar addictions, obesity, stress, fitness, sleep deprivation, visualization, and even self-love. It did a fantastic job of really covering all of the aspects of health, from social interactions to healthy diets. From biochemical reactions in your body to ingredient labels to amounts of sugar in your children's food to laugh, "Hungry for Change" provided a surprisingly simple recipe for health. The documentary included numerous health experts including David Wolfe to Kris Carr (two of my favorites!) with moving stories about their own health journeys.

Here is the link:

Watch it for your own health! Please.


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