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It's already nearing the dissolution of February, meaning the "new year" is almost a sixth of the way over. Statistics say that 64% of people in America make it through 1 month of their New Year's resolutions, and 46% through 6 months. I decided to take out my phone and check my "New Year's Resolutions" note to see how well I've done so far!

I am one of the 67% that make three or more resolutions...and I definitely make more! I wouldn't say that I'm generally a New Year's resolutions "type," but I am a goal-making/list-writing type! January 1st was a wonderful excuse to go crazy with these two habits.

2012 Resolutions

Cardio 5x a week: I think I've almost kept up with this goal. I generally make it to the gym at least 4 times a week, or 2-3 times when my studies get a bit too hectic. I think I've done pretty okay!

Yoga 3x a week: I can almost say for certain that I've kept up with this one, probably because this is the goal I was most excited for! Yoga is never a chore for me, so most weeks I practice 4-5 times a week.

Max 1 coffee per day: Hmm...out of the 57 days that have passed this year, I've probably broken this 4-6 times. I totally have excuses though! As a college student, sometimes I need just one more to get me through an essay. Plus I was in Brooklyn with my roomie last weekend, so we obviously had to get our share of lattes. They were incredible! I'll post about those soon!

Limit sugar intake: I got my dad's sweet tooth. My body always craves sugar during times of stress, which I endure a lot of during test weeks. I find that yoga and exercise limit this, but most helpful of all is simply keeping sugar out of my dorm room. No more dark chocolate in my room! I used to always say I'll have a bar in my room to nibble on, but it's always gone before I know it.

Min 1 salad a day: I haven't had any trouble with this goal! My college cafeteria has fantastic local salads everyday, so I eat them for lunch, and often for dinner too!

Use gratitude journal daily: I didn't start my gratitude journal until this week actually, mostly because I kept forgetting to look out for one! I found a super cute handmade journal from Tibet at the GreenFlea Market in Manhattan last weekend. It was only $3 and smells like incense. So perfect! Although it has only been a short time, I would consider this one of my most impactful resolutions so far - this practice has opened my eyes and is changing my thinking (which in turn is changing my actions!)

Sleep 8-10 hours nightly: I really really try, but this doesn't always work out. I succeeded at the beginning of the school semester when classes weren't keeping me busy yet, but between school work, working out, and spending time with friends, sleep starts losing its priority placement.

Looking back at my resolutions is giving me a wonderful opportunity to reflect on my highs and lows throughout 2012 so far. I will be making a vision board (inspired by the wonderful Kerrie Martin, this week so that I can remind myself of my goals, because sometimes all it takes to accomplish your dreams is to remind yourself of them! You should take a look at your own resolutions, and if you didn't make any this year, make some now! If you're not sure how to make a goal you will accomplish, check out the tips below:
  • Make your goals specific and trackable! Rather than using "to be healthier" as a goal, try something like "to eat more servings of vegetables and go to the gym 6 times a week!" You may even want to set exact deadlines so it's easier to keep track.
  • Write everything down. Write down your goal, and even jot down some of your progress every evening before you go to sleep.
  • Remind yourself. Post sticky notes around your home, or look at your list of resolutions every morning to remind yourself of your goals.
  • Surround yourself with supportive friends. Let them know how important these goals are for you so they can help you stay strong!
  • Stay positive! Instead of focusing on what you do wrong, focus on what can be even better! Rather than saying "I will not eat anything unhealthy," say "I will eat more healthy food."
It's never too late to make a healthy change!

"All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?"
-The Buddha

What motivates you? Let me know!

Be your very best,

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